About me

I am a PhD student working in the area of distributed systems at the Distributed and Object Systems Lab, Dept. of CSE, IIT Madras under Prof. D. Janakiram. As part of my research, I have worked on peer-to-peer semantic search and cloud-assisted peer-to-peer search. My current interest is in addressing challenges related to efficient usage of cloud resources by large-scale distributed applications. I am also interested in cloud technologies like distributed programming models and stream processing systems.

I find distributed systems exciting and am thrilled every time I see an interesting distributed system implementation of mine running. I view real research as a serious pursuit for discovering and creating knowledge and as a companion for innovations which make life better.

You can find me for discussions at View Harisankar H's profile on Quora. Other online profiles: View Harisankar H's profile on LinkedIn View Harisankar H's profile on Github

I did my BTech(CS, 2008) from College of Engineering, Trivandrum and joined IIT Madras for MS and later converted to PhD.